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Data Analysis-Data Mining
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Theory
Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory
Linear Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance
GLM's and Applied Statistical Methodology
Multivariate Statistics
Bayesian Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Computational Statistics, Simulation
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Qualit y Control
Robust Statistics
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Medical Statistics
Statistics of the Environment/ Ecology
Social Statistics
Statistical PACKAGES
Statistical Applets and Calculators

Lecture notes on Applied Robust Statistics by David Olive - 588 pages -

Lecture notes on Robust Multivariate Analysis by David Olive -393 pages-

A short course on robust statistics by David E.Tyler -59 slides-

Robust Methods in Regression

Robust Analysis of M-Estimators of Nonlinear Models by Shawn Patrick Neugebaue -62 pages-

Introduction to Regression and Analysis of Variance Robust methods by Jonathan Taylor -18 slides-

Robust Regression in R by John Fox & Sanford Weisberg -17 pages-

Robust Regression and Non-Linear Kernel Methods for Characterization of Neuronal Response Functions from Limited Data by Maneesh Sahani and Jennifer Linden -25 slides-

Robust Principal Component Regression by P. Filzmoser -6 pages-

A Fast Algorithm for S-estimates of Regression by M. Salibian-Barrera and V.J. Yohai -14 pages-

Robust Statistics by B. D. Ripley -11 pages-

A "Penalty" Method for Rejection of Outliers in Robust Regression by Antonis Avramidis and Giorgos Zioutas -10 pages in Greek-

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