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Data Analysis-Data Mining
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Theory
Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory
Linear Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance
GLM's and Applied Statistical Methodology
Multivariate Statistics
Bayesian Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Computational Statistics, Simulation
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Qualit y Control
Robust Statistics
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Medical Statistics
Statistics of the Environment/ Ecology
Social Statistics
Statistical PACKAGES
Statistical Applets and Calculators


Bayesian Statistics by Jose M. Bernardo -46 pages-

Bayesian Analysis of Correlated Proportions by Maria Kateri, Takis Papaioannou and Petros Dellaportas -16 pages-

Lecture Notes & Teaching Material


Bayesian Statistics by Christian P. Robert -654 slides-

Bayesian Statistics by B.J.K. Kleijn -107 pages-

Lecture notes on Bayesian Statistics by Steve Vardeman -87 pages-

Lecture Notes on Bayesian Estimation and Classification by Mario A. T. Figueiredo -172 pages-

An Introduction to Bayesian Analysis and MCMC by Agustín Blasco -205 pages-

Bayesian non-Linear Models (on-line notes)

Bayesian Statistics: on-line handouts by Brani Vidakovic


Bayesian Inference for Categorical Data Analysis by Alan agresti -48 pages-

Bayesian Statistics by José M. Bernardo -46 pages-

Introduction to Bayesian Statistics by Harvey Thornburg -20 slides-

Estimation and Inference via Bayesian Simulation: A Practical Introduction by Simon Jackman -251 slides-

Introduction to Bayesian Theory -17 pages- and Causal and Bayesian Belief Models -89 pages- by Laura Thompson -2 zipped word files-

Bayesian Methods in Econometrics by James D. Hamilton -96 slides-

Introduction to Bayesian Analysis by B. Walsh -21 pages-

Bayesian Statistics by Petros Dellaportas and Panagiotis Tsiamyrtzis -88 pages in Greek-

Lecture notes by Ioannis Ntzoufras part I -in Greek-

Lecture notes by Ioannis Ntzoufras part II -in Greek-

Bayesian Hypothesis Testing by Anastasia Lykou -Msc thesis -179 pages in greek



The memorial website of Richard Jeffreys (includes many downloadable articles and books)

The Bayesian Songbook by Bradley P. Carlin -68 pages-

List of things named after Thomas Bayes

The reverend Thomas Bayes, FRS -4 pages-

The reverend Thomas Bayes, FRS: A biography to celebrate the tercentary of his birth by D.R. Bellhouse -41 pages-

On some recently discovered manuscripts of thomas Bayes by D.R. Bellhouse -21 pages-

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