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Statistical Applets and Calculators


Statistical Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts

List of simulations/demonstrations in Java

Some Java applets written by Jeffrey Rosenthal

Java applet in Galton-Watson branching processes by Jonathan Jordan

A site with many Java applets

Java applet in M/M/1 queues by Jonathan Jordan

A list of sites with statistical applets

A normal approximation to the binomial distribution Java applet

Linear regression Java applet

Confidence intervals Java applet

The let's make a deal Java Applet

Histogram applet

Central limit theorem Java applet

Interactive Demonstration of the Power of a Hypothesis Test Java applet

Simulation of Simple Symmetric Random Walk in Excel by Michael Zazanis (in Greek)


Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

This calculator will find critical values or areas for the standard normal, t, chi-square, and F distributions

Hypothesis Testing Assesment by James Jones

Simulation by James Jones

Mann-Whitney test calculator

On-line notes on Statistics and calculators

Stattucino online spreadsheet for Statistical Calculations

Statistical Quality Control Online

Statistical Analyses

Graphs, Charts and Plots

Distribution Calculators

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List of Statistical Topics

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