Longitudinal Data Analysis
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Data Analysis-Data Mining
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Theory
Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory
Linear Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance
GLM's and Applied Statistical Methodology
Multivariate Statistics
Bayesian Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Computational Statistics, Simulation
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Qualit y Control
Robust Statistics
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Medical Statistics
Statistics of the Environment/ Ecology
Social Statistics
Statistical PACKAGES
Statistical Applets and Calculators

Mixed-Effect Models and Longitudinal Data Analysis Lecture Notes by Daniel B. Hall - 100 pages -

Longitudinal and Panel Data: Analysis and Applications for the Social Sciences by Edward W. Frees - 364 pages -

Longitudinal Data Analysis -7 zipped chapters-

Introduction to Longitudinal Data Analysis by Geert Verbeke and Geert Molenberghs - 664 slides -

Mixed Models Lecture Notes by R.D. Murison - 106 pages -

Lecture notes on Longitudinal Data Analysis -46 pages-

Generalized Linear Mixed Models by Fikret Isik - 47 pages -

Methods for Handling Dropouts in Longitudinal Studies By Garrett M. Fitzmaurice -25 slides-

Multilevel Modelling

Mixed and Multilevel Models by Geert Verbek - 278 slides -

Lecture notes on Applied Multilevel Analysis by J.Hox -126 pages-

Lecture notes on Multilevel Analysis by Tom Snijders -200 slides-

Multilevel Modelling in R by Paul Bliese -85 pages-

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