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Intro Page
Data Analysis-Data Mining
Mathematical Statistics
Statistical Theory
Stochastic Processes and Probability Theory
Linear Regression Analysis and Analysis of Variance
GLM's and Applied Statistical Methodology
Multivariate Statistics
Bayesian Statistics
Non-Parametric Statistics
Computational Statistics, Simulation
Time Series Analysis
Statistical Qualit y Control
Robust Statistics
Longitudinal Data Analysis
Medical Statistics
Statistics of the Environment/ Ecology
Social Statistics
Statistical PACKAGES
Statistical Applets and Calculators


Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R by G. Jay Kerns -412 pages-

Introductory Statistics with R by Peter Dalgaard -370 pages-

Introduction to Statistical Modelling in R by P.M.E. Altham -115 pages-

Multivariate and other worksheets for R (or S-Plus)-a miscellany by P.M.E. Altham -174 pages-

Multivariate Statistics with R by Paul Hewson -189 pages-

Quick-R -on-line textbook for R users-

Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics Introduction, Code and Commentary by J. H. Maindonald -104 pages-

Using R for Introductory Statistics by John Verzani -114 pages-

R Companion to Montgomerys Design and Analysis of Exepriments (2005) by Christophe Lalanne -82 pages-

Rtips by Paul Johnson

Multivariate statistical functions in R by Michail Tsagris

A Little Book of R for Multivariate Analysis by Avril Coghlan -51 pages-

A Little Book of R For Biomedical Statistics by Avril Coghlan -35 pages-

A Little Book of R For Time Series by Avril Coghlan -75 pages-

Econometrics in R by Grant V. Farnsworth -50 pages-

Notes on the use of R for Psychology Experiments and Questionnaires by Jonathan Baron and Yuelin Li -Reading and Transforming Data, Graphics, Statistics -46 pages-

R Functions for Regression Analysis by Vito Ricci -6 pages-

A short introduction to R by Vassilis Giagos (23 pages in Greek)

A collection of manuals, tutorials, manuals, lecture notes (in many other languages as well) provided by users of R

R tips to make it faster by Michail Tsagris and Manos Papadakis - 11 pages -


S-PLUS (and R) Manual to Accompany Agresti's Categorical Data Analysis (2002) 2nd edition by Laura A. Thompson -256 pages-

Lecture notes on S-plus for Unix (with exercises) by Diego Kuonen -106 pages-

Introduction to R (or S-plus) for Generalized Linear Modelling by P.M.E. Altham -97 pages-

Lecture notes (based on) Modern Applied Statistics with S-Plus by Benny Yakir -67 pages-

Statistical Models and Graphics in Splus by Phil Spector -19 pages-

Writing Functions in Splus by Phil Spector -9 pages-

Introductory lecture notes on Splus by Dimitris Karlis -28 pages in Greek-

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